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Kunstakademiets Vestindienstudier. Surveys in 1961 on St. Thomas og St. Croix. Engelsksproget udgave

Kjeld De Fine Licht and Thorkel Dahl: Surveys in 1961 on St. Thomas and St. Croix. English edition
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Thorkel Dahl og Kjeld de Fine Licht
Beskrivelse The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts West Indian survey is based on a study trip in 1961 to the former Danish islands of St. Thomas, St. Jan and St. Croix. The purpose of the trip was to survey, draw and photograph buildings that were built while the islands were under Danish control (1671-1917), and particularly during the first half of the 19th century.

The authors have during this entire period been very interested in this particular part of the Danish colonial history and made yet another trip in 2001 in order to gather further material for the conclusion of the book. This book portrays the results of this trip, and contains information about the construction and utilisation of the buildings as well as information about their occupants, their owners, and (to some extent) their builders.

Based on studies of the archives, details of town planning and general construction are also explained in this richly illustrated work.